About Us

Our Background

Since 2018, SV TRADING UK LTD has been one of the biggest distributors of vape products from well-known brands, offering vapers in the UK more reputable options and higher-quality products. The business made the decision to establish its retail presence in 2022, giving them simple access to deal with clients directly.
Our goal in going online was to serve both individuals who couldn't travel to a store and those who want to trial things before they bought. Shop Vapour has expanded greatly since then.
We only stock the best – with brand logos

Why do we do it?

Our main goal in being here is to give people a safer option to smoking. There are many advantages for people who move from smoking to vaping. from extended life expectancy, improved health, and higher quality of life. Our goal is to contribute to the UK's transition to a smoke-free, healthier future.
Our goal is to create a shift in which people are prevented from starting the habit in the first place by providing support to those who are currently quitting and teaching the next generation. Our desire to accomplish this is driven by personal experience. Since the majority of our employees were once smokers, we are familiar with the procedure, possible challenges, and the fact that each person's journey is unique.
Giving up a habit that has been a big part of your life for a while might be a scary idea, so we want to make sure that anyone who wants to make the change has the information and resources they need to succeed.

How do we do it?

Being simply another vape shop is not our goal. Every single person that enters our store is at a different stage of their vaping experience, as we are aware of. Perhaps you've been vaping for some time, or you've only recently stopped smoking, and we understand that every person has different needs when it comes to quitting. Finding what's best for you is what we do best. In order to provide you with the most experienced assistance possible, we begin by examining your present smoking or vaping practices to ensure that everything is done correctly. everything from the necessary device to the nicotine strength and vape juice. We would much rather figure out what will give you the best chance of quitting smoking and keeping it that way than trying to sell you the priciest accessory or kit. Our employees, our professionalism, and our wide selection of products are here to bring you an exceptional shopping experience whether you purchase with us online.

Why us?

Our aim is to make it easier the decision to stop smoking by offering the best goods at the greatest costs. Going onto on online vape website for the first time can be somewhat frightening, as there is a lot to understand when you first start vaping. We ensure that our employees' knowledge changes and adapts at the same rate as the vaping business by making significant investments in their training. Since they are all vapers, too, they know what they're offering and can make individualised recommendations based on personal experience.

"We Want to Make It Easy for You to Make the Choice to Quit Smoking."

We like to think that everyone can feel comfy in everything we do here at shopvapour.co.uk. We aim to offer the finest service possible, regardless of where you are in your quitting journey—whether you're a new buyer looking for your first kit or a seasoned vaper searching for the newest flavours of vape juice and nicotine e-liquid. Our main goal is to assist you in quitting smoking and keeping it that way forever


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