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Shop Vapour was founded in 2018 and is a distribution/wholesale outlet with a single location in Manchester. With the largest selection of vape juices in the UK, disposable vape kits, and technology from top vape manufacturers, Shop Vapour is well-positioned to meet all of your vaping needs.
Since the majority of the staff members at each store are seasoned vapers and former smokers, they have a deeper understanding of the trip that the majority of our clients take when they visit us. Giving up a habit that has been a big part of your life for a while can be a scary idea. We aim to provide the necessary information, e-cigarettes and juices to anyone who wants to make that shift.

Brands we sell

Our vape shops carry all of the top brands in the vaping business. You'll have plenty of options, ranging from well-known e-liquid companies Nasty, Bar Juice 5000 and ELFLIQ to disposable vape brands Elf Bar and Lost Mary.

Were you aware?

Thanks to our click and collect service, you can now place your order online and pick it up the very next day from the store. Not close by? Fear not—we provide click and collect delivery to more than 4500 locations throughout the United Kingdom. Learn more.