Age Verification

Why do SHOP VAPOUR need to verify your age?

Selling electronic cigarettes and any vapour product that contains or has the potential to deliver nicotine to anybody under the age of 18 is prohibited. For this reason, anyone ordering from Shop Vapour needs to be older than 18. You consent to Shop Vapour using 1account age verification to verify your age when you make a transaction. After an order is successfully placed, the verification process will begin. After you're verified, a shadow payment will be deducted from the card to guarantee there are funds available. The money will be refunded if you are unable to prove your age.

How do we verify your age?

Your full name, billing address, and the date of birth will be required when you register for an account or place an order at Shop Vapour. You must enter this exactly as it appears on your driver's license, passport, electoral roll, or credit card application for the United Kingdom. Before we deliver any items, we will use this information to confirm your age, so please complete it correctly.
Shop Vapour uses 1Account services to securely verify your age. You agree to provide us permission to share and collect information from One Account Mobile Limited (1account) and other third-party providers of identity data to 1account in cases where you want us to supply an age-restricted good or service. In order to verify that you fulfil the minimum age and identity verification standards set up by appropriate UK age restrictions legislation, 1account needs your approval.
Your consent to let 1account retain relevant data on file in case further verification is needed. Any kind of data that 1account processes is protected by the appropriate safety measures. 1account frequently examines the data it has on file to make sure it isn't held longer than is necessary. You can find information about 1account and how they manage your personal data by visiting their website:
1Account Age Verification will present a pop-up window at the Order confirmation stage if this is your first order with Vape Superstore or if you are using an email address other than the one linked to your account. This will automatically verify your age to the details you gave us when you checked out. If 1Account is able to accurately confirm your age, you don't need to take any more action. Should these checks prove unsuccessful, you will have the choice to re-verify using any of the following methods:

Mobile Phone number
Credit Card
Electoral Roll
Driver’s License
Residence Card

Alternatively, you can email a picture of your driver's license or passport to

You won't need to do this again for orders in the future once you've been verified successfully.

Please visit our privacy policy for more details.