TPD Compliance

All products sold on the Shop Vapour website complies completely with TPD regulations. Learn more about the TPD rules and their implications for vapers by reading the information below.

What is TPD?

The EU launched the Tobacco Products Directive (Tobacco Products Directive 2014/14/EU (TPD), which aims to control tobacco products, including how they can be advertised and sold to consumers. Its main idea is to raise public knowledge of tobacco products and to preserve public health. TPD involves every aspect of the production and sale of tobacco products, including where they can be sold, how to display them, how they are packaged, and how to sell them.
 It includes all tobacco products, such as e-liquids, vaping devices, cigars, and rolling tobacco. The laws require that substances be listed on the label and undergo testing prior to being sold to customers. TPD also regulates the usage of tobacco products and the way in which they're taxed.

Why Is It Relevant to Vaping?

Even though vaping products don't really include tobacco leaf, they are nevertheless classified as tobacco products. This is because the tobacco plant has the highest concentration of nicotine of any plant, which is why a large portion of the nicotine used in E-liquids is distilled from it. Although synthetic kind of nicotine are now available, but any product with nicotine is still subject to TPD rules.

When Did It Come into Effect?

The TPD was created in May 2014, and it was signed into law on May 20, 2016. This implied that any stock that was still non-compliant had to be sold before this date for vaping merchants. Consequently, the e-liquid industry has evolved and some brands that were formerly accessible might not be found on shelves.

What Are the Rules and How Does Vaping Fit into Them?

There are several regulations, the majority of which have an impact on the capacity of e-cigarettes and the manner in which e-liquid is marketed. However, from a consumer perspective, most of it is still the same overall. The most important change involved the labelling requirements for e-cigarette products.
  • The maximum capacity of e-cigarette tanks, which include pod systems and disposable vapes, is now limited to 2ml.
  • Now, 10ml is the maximum bottle size for nicotine-containing e-liquids.
  • The strongest nicotine e-liquid available is 20mg, Unlike the States, where it can reach up to 50mg.
  • E-liquids that contain nicotine must all be packed in child-resistant packaging.
  • Both taurine and caffeine are prohibited in products.
  • The product's packaging must state that it contains nicotine and promote the fact that nicotine is an extremely addictive substance.
  • Before being sold, all e-cigarettes and e-liquids must be approved by the MHRA.

Shop Vapour’s Compliance Measures:

SHOP VAPOUR has complied with TPD since it went into effect by following the established norms. No matter if you purchase a tank alone or as part of a package, all of our tanks have capacity of less than 2ml.
A 10ml maximum capacity bottle of nicotine-containing e-liquid is sold. Short fills are now an option if you're searching for higher nicotine strength bottles. These are larger E-liquid bottles that you combine with a concentrated 10ml nicotine bottle to create a low-dose nicotine strength.
Shop Vapour offers e-liquids, all of which have been certified as TPD compliant after being filed and reported to the MHRA for certification.
There are no taurine or caffeine-containing products on our website or in our stores. They are also free of diacetyl, a chemical that has raised concerns regarding its potential for causing popcorn lung. Every ingredient used in e-liquids is specified on the package, along with a warning about nicotine content.
If you've only recently started vaping (within the last few years), then many of these changes were made prior to the purchase of your first e-cigarette. If you have any queries about TPD, you can contact our customer support team via phone, email, Facebook chat, live chat on our website, or by leaving a message.