Price Match

We match the prices listed on the websites of all reputable UK competitors (ebay and amazon excluded). Bundles, discounts, special deals, coupon codes, and membership/personal discounts are not included in this. Additionally, there is no delivery fee. No further discount or coupon may be applied on top of the price match.

Found it for less? Get in touch

1- If you see the same products being offered at lower prices by another online retailer, it easy to get in contact with us via our contact page here.

2- Send us a link of the relevant product so we can see where you found out the lesser price. Next, we'll confirm the item's eligibility and price following these points:

  • The price must be valid for a single, identical product with the same make, model, size, and colour.
  • The product needs to be available on the website of the UK competitor.
  • As soon as we obtain the competitor's details, we will confirm that all necessary details match for the item to be eligible.

3- Our staff will match the price when you purchase the product from us if your request is approved. Alternatively, we'll refund you the difference + 5% if you've bought it within the last 28 days.