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Damaged or Faulty Items

If an item is obviously broken, please try not to accept it or sign for it.
Please be aware that if any product is delivered "Dead on Arrival" (DOA), you must notify the customer service immediately. This is particularly crucial for disposable products like wicks and coils, and atomizers, as their nature makes them non-warranty covered.
Claims for defective or damaged items, along with those for order shortfalls, will be handled 5 working days after notification. The cost of returning the items to us via Royal Mail documented delivery only will be refunded to the buyer. If items are returned and lost in the mail, we will not be held responsibility. Damaged items must be notified within 5 working days of delivery.
Repackaging all items to their original level of protection upon return to the buyer is mandatory. Poorly packaged returns that break during transit will NOT be refunded and will be returned to the buyer.
Any return must be accompanied by a fully completed "Returns Authorization Form" with the Buyer's Full Name and Address (This is the name that appears on the Invoice under 'INVOICE/DELIVERY ADDRESS'), the Invoice Number, a daytime contact number, and a brief description of the issue that needs to be fixed. You can get a Returns Authorisation Form by emailing customer care at the address listed in the About Us section above.

Lost or Missing Items

You should notify Shop Vapour within 14 days of making your order for a refund to be issued if the items are not received and found to have been lost in transit or the delivery does not contain all of the items you ordered. Using its courier partner(s), Shop Vapour will look into any lost packages. After this period of time, no claim for lost items will be accepted.


We have the right to remove or alter any materials or content on this website at any time, including products that are listed on it. For our sole discretion, we have the right to refuse to process a transaction or service to anyone at any time. We will not be held accountable to you or any other party if we remove or alter any content or descriptions, refuse to process a transaction, unwind or suspend a transaction after processing has started, or withdraw any product from www.shopvapour.co.uk—regardless of whether the product has been sold.


www.shopvapour.co.uk has made every effort to ensure that all product descriptions and images are as accurate as possible. Despite our best efforts, the publisher ( wwwshopvapour.co.uk ) disclaims any liability over the authenticity or accuracy of product descriptions and photos that are supplied to us by our wholesalers or manufacturers. Brochures or websites from the manufacturers provide detailed specifications. Links to unauthorised third-party websites may be found on www.shopvapour.co.uk. We disclaim all liability over the authenticity or accuracy of content found on these websites. There is no guarantee that www.shopvapour.co.uk will maintain or update the website.


The website lists the price that must be paid for the products. Even though www.shopvapour.co.uk works hard to ensure that all prices are correct, occasionally a product may be priced incorrectly. If there are price increases from suppliers, fees and taxes to be paid, or errors when the price is shown to you, we reserve the right to make adjustments. We will provide you with accurate information and allow you enough time to reconsider in case you need to cancel.


Due to unavailability, www.shopvapour.co.uk reserves the right to cancel the order at any time. You will be eligible for a complete refund if you have already made a payment and the products are not delivered. However, if we are unable to provide your item(s), www.shopvapour.co.uk will not be held accountable for any additional damages you may suffer.


All content on the website, including writing, graphics, and layout, as well as the underlying source code, is copyrighted by www.shopvapour.co.uk and its associated companies or content providers. www.shopvapour.co.uk prohibits any usage of the materials, including duplicate, reproduction, and copying of any text, graphics, content, or structure. Without getting prior written consent of www.shopvapour.co.uk, all distribution or publication of content is strictly prohibited.


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These terms and conditions, which make up the whole agreement between you and us about your use of our website, are considered to have been read in advanced. Regarding your use of this website, this overrides previous agreements. The terms and conditions on www.shopvapour.co.uk are subject to change at any time, and any changes will take effect immediately on publishing.


We must notify you of the following for your total safety and security:
When consumed in enough quantity, pure nicotine has the potential to be fatal. It has been classified as poisonous. Please carefully read the following and take all necessary steps to ensure the safety of yourself and anyone around you.


Please use extreme caution when handling this product and make sure you follow these guidelines:

  • E-liquids should always be kept locked up and out of the reach of kids and animals.
  • Immediately seek medical attention if this product is swallowed.

General guidance and advise:

  • Nicotine is highly toxic.
  • Nicotine is very addictive.
  • There is a risk that it could seriously harm one's health.
  • If you are pregnant or nursing, avoid using this product as it may harm the unborn child.
  • Skin and eyes may become irritated by vapour.
  • Vapour may make you feel drowsy or dizzy.
  • If skin comes into touch with it, wash it with soap and water immediately.
  • In the case of eye contact, thoroughly rinse the affected area with water and seek immediate medical help.
  • It is necessary to dispose of cartridges, unused e-liquid, and their containers in a manner that protects the environment and human health.


Please use the following directions carefully to prevent harm to humans and the environment:

  • Not for use by anybody younger than eighteen (18).
  • Those who have nicotine sensitivity should not use this product.
  • Those with unstable or cardiac conditions should not use this product.
  • Those with high blood pressure should not use this product.
  • Not to be used when breastfeeding or pregnant.
  • Make sure you always keep your electronic vaporizer locked away.
  • If a young child were to consume one cartridge's worth of nicotine, it may be quite harmful. In this situation, you should seek medical attention right away.

TAKE NOTE: Battery Safety

  • When handling Lithium-ion batteries, exercise extra caution as they are highly sensitive to charging characteristics and can burn or explode if not handled carefully.
  • Make sure the user is familiar enough with the assembly, removal, and charging of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries before using them.
  • Charge in/or on a fire-resistant surface at all times.
  • Never leave batteries charging unattended.
  • If you sense the battery on an e-cigarette type device heating up, stop using it immediately. TURN THE DEVICE OFF IMMEDIATELY if your battery starts to smell or becomes hot to the touch. Allow it to cool down on a heat-resistant surface—preferably outside—and then dispose of it safely. If it's still under warranty, get in touch with customer care.
  • Make sure you ONLY use the charger made especially for your device.
www.shopvapour.co.uk is not liable for any harm (including pack manufacturing), if the batteries or chargers are modified in any way. We disclaim all liability for any harm resulting from incorrect use or handling of lithium-ion batteries and chargers. Any harm, damage, or defect—whether permanent or temporary—caused by the use of any batteries will not subject us to liability or responsibility.