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Elf Bar Banana Elfa Pro Prefilled Pods

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Elf Bar banana prefilled pod Elfa Pro has the same strong banana candy flavor as the well-known elf bar disposable vape.

Because these pods are pre-filled with 2 milliliters of Elf Bar's 2% nic salt e-liquid, they will taste just like a disposable gadget and won't require coil faff, allowing you to use the pod entirely before replacing it. A pack of two pods has about 1200 puffs total because each pod has about 600 puffs.

Only the Elfa pod device and the Elfa Pro pod device by Elf Bar—a rechargeable device that is sold separately—are compatible with the Elfa pods.


  • 2ml Pod Capacity
  • Strength of Nicotine: 2% (20 mg)
  • Origin nation: China
  • 50 VG to 50 PG ratio

        What's inside the box:

          • 1 x Elf Bar Banana Elfa Pro Prefilled Pods
          • 1 x User Manual


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