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Grape Ice Nicotine Pouches by Killa

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A nicotine pouch called KILLA Grape Ice tastes like delectable soft grapes with a touch of mint for a refreshing hit! This compact pouch kicks like the killer that we have come to expect from Killa.

Killa Nicotine Pouches are an organically made brand of nicotine pouches that are devoid of tobacco. Because it doesn't include any tobacco, smoke, ash, or toxic colors, it's safer than any smoking product. You will experience optimal comfort and happiness when using it. Killa will always make you feel really happy.


  • Portion size: 0,8 g
  • Nicotine: 16mg/1gram
  • Nicotine per portion: 12,8mg
  • Portions in one package: 20 pc

      What’s inside the Box:

      • Pack Of 20


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