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Uwell Caliburn A2S Pod Vape kit

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The Uwell Caliburn pod device keeps getting better and better, and the new Caliburn A2S kit gives vapers of all skill levels a discreet, portable, and exceptionally easy-to-use device without sacrificing flavor or performance. The Calburn A2S feels smooth and pleasant in the hand and fits effortlessly into any pocket or compartment because to its sleek and fashionable design and incredible light weight of only 30g.

In order to ensure that the Caliburn A2S never unintentionally misfires in your pocket if you fail to switch it off, the fire button has been entirely eliminated. Rather, all it takes to activate the Caliburn A2S pod kit is a single blow on the mouthpiece, which activates the coil inside the pod and releases flavorful, rich vapor.

With the inclusion of USB-C charging, most vapers should be able to use the gadget for a whole day because to its long-lasting 520mAh battery. You can see how much e-liquid is remaining in your pod through an easy-to-see viewing window. With the revolutionary transparent design of the Caliburn A2S pods, users can see through the pod while they load it with e-liquid. The side-fill port of the Uwell Caliburn A2S 2ml pods, which helps to stop leaks and debris from building up in the mouthpiece, is accessible when the cap is removed.

Compared to the original Caliburn vape kit, the A2S Pods provide a richer, more powerful vape due to a tighter airflow and a solid connection to the battery. With the pods' integrated 1.2 ohm Meshed-H coil, changing coils is no longer a problem. Just swap out your whole pod for a fresh one if the coil starts to lose flavor. The MTL (mouth-to-lung) experience is the focus of these pods, which are also suitable for usage with high-PG, 50/50, and nicotine salt e-liquids due to their versatility. Caliburn A2 and AK2 0.9 ohm Meshed-H pods are also compatible with the Caliburn A2S pod kit.


  • Best for inexperienced vapers
  • A small, convenient gadget
  • Extended life 520mAh Battery
  • 15W of output voltage
  • Measuring 1.2 ohms, Refillable Pods
  • Activated by Auto-Inhale
  • Ideal for MTL vaporization
  • E-Liquid View Window Clear
  • USB-C Enabled
  • Accessible in six hues

What’s inside the box:

  • 1 x Uwell Caliburn A2S 520mAh Pod Vape Device
  • 2 x Caliburn A2S 1.2ohm Replacement Pods
  • 1 x User Manual


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